The Final Change

The Final Change

In October of 22 we moved from Idaho to North Carolina. Lots of changes happened but one thing stayed the same throughout…..our phone number. Well all things have to change eventually and as much as I tried to keep it, T-Mobile just didn’t cooperate. That’s okay because now it completed our move totally and made us all, including the shop North Carolinians. The new phone number is (910)358-5251.

The only vestige of Idaho left is our memory. I am sad to see part of it go. Idaho is a beautiful state. One of my children was born there, both were raised there. One Grandchild remains there. It will always be in our hearts but North Carolina is also “home” to me. My family is from here, the Morehead City area, since the 1700’s. I’ve always wanted to live here. I LOVE the ocean and the people here. My parents are here. I am very happy to be here. Saying that, I am very happy to have a North Carolina phone number 😁 I look forwarded to doing business with it here in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Here’s to a bright future in North Carolina!


Michelle Willis Shaffer ~ Owner


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