👒👒👒30% OFF ALL HATS STARTING MONDAY 8/22/22!!! 👒👒👒 - Created By Chell

👒👒👒30% OFF ALL HATS STARTING MONDAY 8/22/22!!! 👒👒👒

30% Off All Hats Starting August 22, 2022

Purchase any hat between Monday August 22, 2022 thru Friday September 2, 2022 to receive 30% off automatically at checkout. NO CODE NEEDED.

Choose your preferred way to shop at Created By Chell. This discount is available on my website, Facebook & my Instagram shop along with my Etsy shop. All have secure payment processing and delivery and payment/refund guarantees.

A side note….If you haven’t checked out Facebook and Instagram Shops and their customer satisfaction guarantees check it out, you will be impressed. A lot of shop owners are leaving Etsy due to high fees, myself included soon. The website will more than likely shut down also and we will be exclusively on Facebook, Instagram and eBay. Every cent counts in this economy. I’m trying to not pass their fees onto my customers by finding other avenues where I can safely sell my Creations. Thank you all for being such amazing customers after 5 years ❤️.

Michelle ~ Owner
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